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Indian vs Brazilian vs Russian hair.. Whats the difference?

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

What are the main differences between the hair types? Why is Russian hair so expensive? I'll explain...

Indian remi hair

Indian remi hair has the shortest lifespan of the hair types on offer. It is naturally fine to medium in texture. It also has a tendency to be very bouncy, light and airy which makes it very manageable and easy to heat style. A particularly good option for people who have naturally quite fine hair and want to match the texture of their own hair or anyone looking for a more natural look. The Indian hair i use typically lasts around 6-9 months.

Gold standard Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is smooth, silky and shiny. It has a slightly thicker texture than Indian hair but still very easily blends with many hair textures. Brazilian hair is better when facing damp and humid conditions as it tends not to frizz. Brazilian hair comes double drawn which means all the hairs are the same length, essentially it is as thick at the bottom as it is at the root which makes for gorgeously thick and bouncy looking hair. Ideal for a longer, thicker look. The Brazilian hair i use typically lasts around 12-18 months before it becomes dry.

Premium Russian hair

Russian hair is a prestige quality hair. Due to the natural thickness, softness and glossy appearance of Russian hair, it is widely considered to be the highest quality of hair extensions. Russian women naturally have lighter hair, so it only makes sense that it is healthier than Asian or Indian hair that is naturally dark and requires over-processing. Along with being the least processed, Russian hair is the softest and finest hair available. The Russian hair i use typically lasts 1-2 years.

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